Conducting a hazard assessment in 5 quick steps

Introduction In this article we will outline how to conduct the hazard assessment in a food plant. Step 1: Understanding the prerequisites of Hazard Assessment. Before we conduct a hazard assessment, we need to identify the regulations and standard applicable to the business. If assistance is needed, you are recommended to look for Food Safety…


Navigating within audit findings in food industry

I. Audit findings A. Definition and Types of Audit findings Looking how to handle food audit finding, please look no further. During the closing meeting the auditor normally discusses his findings with the auditee. These findings are then categorized according to the decision tree, as per below. Fig 1: Decision tree to classify audit findings….


What is a Great HACCP Product Description Sheet?

A HACCP product description sheet contains all critical details about a food product, including its name, its intended use, its processing methods, and the relevant potential hazards. This documented information is essential for the deployment of a HACCP system. Accordingly, you should include the following information at a minimal within the the Product Description document:…

HACCP Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Roadmap to Safeguarding Your Food

What are the 12 Steps to build a HACCP plan? This article gives a step-by-step guide to create a HACCP system whereby the output is the HACCP plan. First of all, what does haccp stand for? Assemble a HACCP team Describe the Product A product description sheet is a documented information for the final product….